I was looking for work at the end of my school year, and also looking to volunteer. I’m a member of Epilepsy Toronto, and when I contacted them they told me that the Purple Walk was coming up, so I came in to  help out with making phone calls and stuff.  They asked if I had any other talents, and I mentioned my fascination with art. I showed them my sketch book, and they were like: “we have a banner, would you like to design it?” So I'm painting the banner for the Purple Walk.

Usually I do a lot of fan art, a lot of pop culture-y graphic design, stuff like that.  Some T-shirt prints also.  Last year, I actually started doing that a little more professionally and started going to conventions to sell my artwork.

I also do a lot of expressionist painting. But those are for me, not so much for others. I was really big into Bob Ross growing up. His sense of joy, and calm nature resonated with me. When I paint, that's how I approach it; it's for me to relax and to express myself through my art. It's always good to take care of the spirit as much as the body. So that is the philosophy I come into my art with. I put a little bit of my heart into everything.

To be a part of the 2018 Purple Walk on June 9th, SIGN UP HERE or if you can't join us, please DONATE HERE.



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