I remember the night before the mugging. I got home and my head had started spinning. I just lay in bed, but I couldn't handle it. I managed to grab the phone and I called my mom and I said “I just wanna be with you”. I don't know what made me call her. She's says “OK, then come.” So I grabed a cab.

I remember getting in the vehicle, but I must have been in and out of the seizure by then. The driver dropped me off at the back of the building of my mom's house. And I remember he just woke me up he said “you're here”.

But I was not fully conscious, not thinking. I looked at the building and I thought ‘I’m close, I’m close. I’m walking distance’. I remember walking on the sidewalk, where I grew up for 35 years. I had a small shoulder strap purse on me with my IDs, Cell phone, charger, medications, everything. All I felt from behind was somebody pulling me. From there, I don't remember much.

My mom said she found me disorientated. She said it was like I was drunk. I remember little bits of her yelling, asking me where my phone was. When I woke up I was in hospital not knowing what I was doing there.

Then the doctor looked at me and smiled, he said, “you're strong, you made it.” I said, “what are you talking about?” And my mom says, "You had three episodes of seizures.”

I will usually remember the paramedics coming, but I don’t remember them being called, I don't remember them putting me on the stretcher; I don’t remember being taken to the hospital; I don't remember anything. When I did revive, it was a day and a half later.

Now I just leave everything in God’s hands. If the day comes that I have to go, I'm ready to go. Believe it or not, the day that I got mugged, I was at the other side. I don't know why I came back. But that's why I say I'm only in God's hands. I always pray to him, talk to him. If I'm not at church, I go out for walks and I talk to him on my own. I'm praying in my mind, quietly. Nobody knows.


* stories have been condensed and edited