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To promote independence and quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families through support services, information, advocacy and public awareness.


We envision a world in which epilepsy and seizures are widely understood, and where those who live with them feel fully supported.


We value people’s right to live with dignity as a full participant of their community.

We believe it is a person’s right to be informed and to participate meaningfully in their health management.

We believe society has an obligation to be accessible to all its members and opposing of all discrimination. 

We value self-determination and choice. 

We believe that strength can be found in community. 

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Over the past 60 years, Epilepsy Toronto has been the place where Torontonians living with epilepsy can learn more about their condition, get the help they need and be a part of a family of caring and supporting people.

Epilepsy Toronto prioritizes individual needs, the importance of living as independently as possible and the benefits of community engagement. Our programs address all aspects of epilepsy from the first diagnosis of a child, to the struggles that young people face, to adult needs such as employment and relationships.  Recently, Epilepsy Toronto has begun to expand our services to address the needs of people living with other seizure disorders, such as functional seizures.

Through Epilepsy Toronto’s programs, individuals can participate in trainings to build confidence and skills, share their medical concerns and challenges, discuss coping methods with people who understand, involve their schools or workplaces in awareness building, enjoy an outing with friends, learn about the latest epilepsy news and enjoy being in a place they can call home.

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Epilepsy Toronto holds an Annual General Meeting in May. The 2022 AGM was held virtually on Thursday, May 19, 2022.  For a copy of the minutes from this meeting, please email mackenzie@epilepsytoronto.org.