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Securing Futures Life Skills Program

Securing Futures is the first program of its kind in Canada that supports adults living with epilepsy gain the life skills and housing opportunities they need to live independently.

This 18-month program is client-centered and personally tailored to each individual’s strength and abilities, so that they may live safely, with dignity, and have the greatest possible quality of life.


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Most people with epilepsy have seizures that are well controlled and they can lead healthy and productive lives. Others, however, are not so fortunate. Their seizures are relentless, unforgiving, and they are left feeling that there is little hope of a future with friends, a job, and a place of their own. This program is for them.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Ages 24-45
  • Able to articulate themselves verbally
  • Able to commit to an 18-month program
  • Able to participate virtually and in-person
  • Willingness and capacity to learn and participate in group settings


1. Life Skills

Whether the participant is currently dependent or semi-dependent on their caregivers, there is a need for personalized coaching and life skills training to bolster confidence and prepare for independent living. The Securing Futures program focuses on seven life skills sectors which include:

  • Learning how to manage the household
  • Personal finances
  • Healthcare
  • Relationships
  • Self-care
  • Preparing for work
  • Navigating the community
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2. Counselling & Support

The Securing Futures program provides counselling and resources that are critical to building the social and emotional strength essential for independence both for the individual and their families.

3. Community Engagement

Being independent does not mean doing everything alone. The Securing Futures program helps build networks of caring, resource sharing, and community support that is critical to success.

4. Housing

We’ve learned that there isn’t one single housing solution for all persons affected by epilepsy. Every individual requires a comprehensive housing plan specific to their needs and their families that considers all residential options. The Securing Futures program will make every effort to ensure each individual resides in an environment best suited to their preferences with the support of an occupational therapist.

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Parent of a Securing Futures participant: 

“I could see where the daily demands of living in a big city independently would overwhelm his capabilities and he would fall through the cracks of society if I wasn’t here. But I am not going to be here for his entire life and I worried about what would happen to my son when I can no longer be his primary caregiver. But I can honestly say we both feel better-equipped to handle the challenge thanks to the Securing Futures program.

Parent of a Securing Futures participant: 

“She was really afraid to live on her own but now she’s really developed more self confidence. I’m very happy because if we didn’t have this program, for her to go out and live in an apartment on her own would be scary. It’s amazing because we didn’t ever think she would get to this point. She feels much more comfortable which is amazing because we didn’t think she would ever get to this point.

Securing Futures participant: 

I have been living on my own and independently for three months.  I was scared before I started, but this program has meant a lot to me an my family – my family knows that I’ve increased my knowledge and learned so much and now we all feel so much more confident for me to be living on my own.”

Securing Futures participant: 

The banking and financial module has really helped me. I never understood how to buy a house before or even what credit was. I also didn’t understand fraud and how easy it can happen. Now I feel prepared to protect myself.

I also really enjoyed the camaraderie with the other Securing Futures participants. Things we take for granted like connecting with people easily does not happen for me. This has created a new social experience for me.”

Do you have questions about the Securing Futures program? To find out more information, please connect with your Epilepsy Toronto counsellor, or if you don’t yet have one, complete an intake form to start the process.

If you would like to support the Securing Futures program, please contact: brandon@epilepsytoronto.org