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A general overview of epilepsy including useful facts and basic response to convulsive and non-convulsive seizures.

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Edmonton Epilepsy Association
Informational Booklets

In 2001, the Edmonton Epilepsy Association, a fellow member of the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, received a grant from the Edmonton Community Lottery Board to develop a new series of epilepsy educational booklets.  Since that time, the booklets have been periodically updated with each reprinting.

Epilepsy: An Overview
Living With Epilepsy
Epilepsy: A Guide for Parents
Let’s Learn About Epilepsy: Children’s Activity Book
Teens and Epilepsy
Epilepsy: A Guide for Teachers
Women and Epilepsy
Seniors and Epilepsy
Epilepsy: A Guide for Healthcare Providers
Epilepsy: Seizures and First Aid Poster
Safety and Epilepsy

Thanks to the efforts of Épilepsie Montréal Métropolitain, all eleven of these booklets have been translated into French (cliquez ici pour le français).


The eToolkit is a set of documents designed to improve understanding of SUDEP and to facilitate its discussion among families, healthcare providers, death investigation professionals and researchers.

 SUDEP eBrochures are available (in English, French and Spanish) with information on SUDEP for:

  • People with Epilepsy
  • Parents & Caregivers of Children with Epilepsy
  • Young Adults and Teens with Epilepsy
  • People Bereaved by Epilepsy
  • Healthcare Providers