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Standing Together Against Anti-Black Racism

Our hearts are heavy. Epilepsy Toronto vehemently stands as an ally, in solidarity with our members, colleagues, partners and greater community against systemic anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, hate and inequality. We have been taking this time to listen and learn from the Black voices in our community and most importantly, we have been taking this time to reflect on ourselves.

Epilepsy is a disease that does not discriminate. Anyone of any culture, race, gender-identity or age can develop epilepsy. But we know that systemic racism and inequality amplifies the challenges that our Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) members with epilepsy face everyday. It creates additional obstacles through each stage of their journey. This cannot be tolerated.

We are committed to our values of diversity, inclusion and equity. We pledge to work towards better understanding the lived experience of BIPOC living with epilepsy and their families and strive to improve our cultural sensitivity, accessibility, and inclusivity. We will be vigilant in our steps towards encouraging anti-racist dialogue, and creating inclusive policies, programs and services.

And most importantly, we will continue to listen. We will continue to listen to the voices of our Black and Indigenous members and communities. Epilepsy Toronto will always be a place where Torontonians living with epilepsy can get the help they need and feel part of a safe, and caring community.