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Hands on a the keyboard of a laptop displaying a video call full of people.

Seizures at Work Focus Group – Part 2

This time, we are looking for employers in Recruitment / Human Resources to share their opinions and experiences.

We’re putting together a small focus group to chat about some recent data we’ve gathered regarding employees who’ve had seizures at work. We’re interested in hearing your thoughts from a Human Resources perspective. We’ll be diving into themes like communication, accommodations, responses, and some interesting trends we’ve noticed. This isn’t about policies or legal stuff—it’s all about sharing ideas and experiences and the bigger picture. Your input will help us figure out how to better support employees who experience a seizure at work. We’d love for you to join us and share your thoughts!

The information collected will help us in putting together videos on the best practices in the event a person has a seizure at work. This is meant to be a just-in-time resource for employees and employers alike.

For more information or to be a part of this Focus Group, please contact Jesse at jesse@epilepsytoronto.org.

This Seizures at Work Focus Group is facilitated by Epilepsy Toronto’s Employment Services Department. We hope you can join us!