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NDEAM: Personality Dimensions Workshop

Personality Dimensions is an evidence-based workshop designed to help you in your career and workplace. It aims to do this by providing you with a better understanding of yourself and how you move through the world. It helps you gain valuable insight into your strengths, values, needs, and your understanding of the world. It’s also about how you tend to interact with others, resolve problems, and function in groups.

Personality Dimensions is organized around colour and it’s understood that everyone is a combination of these colours. Each colour represents a different aspect of yourself: green is analytical, blue is emotional and creative; gold is organized, and orange is spontaneous and practical.

Perhaps most helpful, is the list of jobs that are attached to each colour. As a group, we’ll review and discuss insights around careers attached to each colour and see how it matches up with your profile.

To receive a Zoom link to join this online workshop presented by Epilepsy Toronto’s Employment Services Department. To receive a zoom link to join please complete a brief registration form.

NDEAM: The Future of Work Presentation

The pandemic has forced us to adjust and change the way we do a lot of things, and the world of work is no exception. How has the pandemic changed our workplace and wider employment landscape? How does this impact us?

Join us as we welcome special guest speaker, Dr. Jose Garcia, who will share his insights with us about what to expect from the workplace as we move forward into a ‘post-pandemic’ world.


**This workshop will be recorded**

This online workshop is presented by Epilepsy Toronto’s Employment Services Department. To receive a zoom link to join, please complete this form to register.

Among Dr. Garcia’s many academic and professional accomplishments includes completing his graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto and he also completed an MBA at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).

Dr. Garcia was also a Program Manager for the Green Economy and Middle Level Managers (MLM) bridging programs at the Chang School of TMU University where he assisted internationally trained professionals. Dr. Garcia is the chair of Futurewatch Board, President of GarCan Technologies, and teaches applied thermodynamics and energy management at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.