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Disclosure Dilemma Webinar

Disclosure Dilemma Webinar graphic

The topic of disclosure is often a difficult choice for people with invisible conditions like epilepsy to make.

Who do I disclose my disability to?

What are the consequences, if any, of disclosure?

Are there any laws to help me in this regard? How do I disclose and when?

These are just some of the questions that will be explored in this informative panel discussion followed by a live Q&A that offers three distinct points of view from a job seeker, a recruiter, and a lawyer. Special guests will offer their unique spin on a challenging subject!

Epilepsy Toronto’s Employment Services Manager, Carter Hammett moderates this Facebook Live event, which will include an interactive Q&A with the panel. Join him at 2 pm on Thursday, November 5th on the Epilepsy Toronto Facebook Page.

About the Panel

Jessica De Marinis is a staff lawyer at ARCH Disability Law Centre in Toronto, Ontario who practices human rights and disability rights law. Jessica joined ARCH in August 2017. Prior to working at ARCH, she practiced employment and human rights law in Hamilton, ON. Jessica has appeared before various courts and administrative tribunals, including the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, and the Ontario Superior Court.

Headshot of Shonet D'souza

Shonet D’souza, BHRM, CHRL, is a Human Resources Specialist, Diversity, Inclusion & Invisible Disabilities Advocate, Speaker, Writer. She is a Certified Human Resources Leader with over a decade of people and culture experience. She is currently a Talent Strategist at Powerhouse Talent Inc. where she partners with organizations to develop their employer brand, consistently market their recruitment strategy and attract the right talent. Besides her work in HR, she is a passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion and invisible disabilities. She is a speaker, writer and guest contributor to various online publications. Shonet is an Epilepsy Ambassador at Epilepsy Toronto and Global Epilepsy Exchange and is also part of the United Way Greater Toronto Speakers Bureau.

Headshot of Alyson Silk

Alyson Silk is a young professional and graduate of Queen’s University with diverse experience studying and working in Accounting, Data Analysis, Biology, Mathematics, and Statistics. Since she was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2017 and has faced numerous challenges in adapting to a life with this condition, including the pursuit of a career in finance and returning to school. She is currently a job-seeker navigating the hiring process as a person with a disability for the first time. Concerned with tackling the big questions of “when” and “how” to disclose, she has been working closely with Epilepsy Toronto to develop a disclosure plan and prepare for career success in the quickly-evolving modern workforce. She is excited to share her experience and learn from others to address the obstacles presented by disclosure of an invisible disability.