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Image: headshot of Dr. Bercovici Text: Webinar Let's Talk About Epilepsy Medications.

Let’s Talk About Epilepsy Medications Webinar

Join us for an engaging webinar on the latest advancements in epilepsy medications, featuring renowned expert Dr. Eduard Bercovici.

Dr. Eduard Bercovici is a dedicated neurologist and epileptologist in Toronto and director of the Southern Ontario Epilepsy Clinic. With a background in neuropharmacology and extensive training, including an epilepsy fellowship, he established the Adult Epilepsy Diet Clinic at UHN, offering innovative treatment options. Beyond clinical practice, he actively engages with epilepsy patient groups and educates students and fellow physicians, contributing to ongoing research efforts. 

Learn more about epilepsy medications, how they are chosen and discover new medications in the epilepsy pipeline. This informative session is scheduled for Thursday, November 16, 2023, at 6:00 pm on Zoom. This Webinar is open to all. Please click the button below to register and receive a link to join this virtual webinar.