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Epilepsy Advocacy Triumphs in Ontario: Motion 68 Calls for Comprehensive Epilepsy Policies in School

Motion 68 being presented by MPP Natalie Pierre at Queen's Park

Smiling family of 4 take selfie in front of the CN tower lit up purple.

Emma and the Greco family celebrating Purple Day at the CN tower.

In a significant leap forward for epilepsy advocacy, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario has passed Motion 68. Introduced by MPP Natalie Pierre, this motion calls on the Ministry of Education to institute new policies across all Ontario school boards regarding the administration of epilepsy rescue medications in schools. The motion, that was passed at Queen’s Park on November 15th, will require Ontario school boards to implement a comprehensive epilepsy policy, which includes training to teachers and staff on the administration of emergency epilepsy medication to students having an epileptic seizure to promote a safe and healthy learning environment for all.

The introduction of Motion 68 represents a collective effort by passionate advocates and supporters within the epilepsy community, emphasizing the commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive educational landscape. The motion addresses a critical need for standardized protocols and knowledge dissemination to ensure the well-being of students living with epilepsy.

“When our daughter Emma’s school staff expressed concern about Emma’s participation in an upcoming trip due to the possibility of having to administer epilepsy emergency medication, we knew we had to advocate for change.  We had to ensure that all students living with epilepsy were granted the same opportunities as other students.  There is a lot of stigma associated with epilepsy, and awareness and education are imperative”, says Emma’s mother and epilepsy advocate Monica Diaz-Greco.  “After contacting our Provincial Member of Parliament Michael Ford, we also reached out to our local epilepsy agencies.  With their support and the support of MPP Natalie Pierre, who sponsored the motion, we are thrilled to see this motion pass. This is a victory for all people living with epilepsy in Ontario”

This groundbreaking motion is a testament to the dedication and collaborative spirit of all those involved in pushing forward the cause of accessibility and equity in the educational sphere. Epilepsy Ontario,  Epilepsy Toronto, Emma IS and the Greco family would like to express sincere appreciation for the unwavering commitment of MPP Natalie Pierre and her team, as well as all the supporting MPPs who voiced their endorsement for Motion 68.