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Shortage of Carbamazepine CR

There is currently a national shortage of carbamazepine CR (controlled release) tablets due to manufacturing disruptions and demand increases. Products impacted include Sandoz-Carbamazepine CR (200mg and 400mg) and Tegretol CR (200mg and 400mg). The shortage is expected to continue throughout the summer. On May 10, 2024, a Tier 3 shortage was declared for carbamazepine CR tablets. There are currently no anticipated shortages of carbamazepine IR (immediate release) tablets.

Steps to take for those on this drug: 
1. Call a few other Pharmacies in your area to see if they have stock. Try to get a few months’ supply that could hopefully tide you over until the shortage is resolved.
2. Contact your Health Care Provider to discuss options.
3. Do NOT ignore it and risk running out of meds.
4. Do NOT reduce the dosage on your own so it can last longer.

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