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EpiC Day & Purple Walk

EpiC Day and Purple Walk for Epilepsy

You’re invited to join us at College Park on June 17th, for EpiC Day! 

Just like for our Purple Walk in years past, you can challenge yourself to complete the 5km Purple Walk, or you can choose to do a 1 in 100 Challenge like we have done the past two years; OR you can do both! Whatever you choose, we know it’ll be EpiC!

Please check back in the Spring to learn how to Register for this year’s EpiC Day!

Choose your #EpiCDayChallenge and start fundraising today:

a) 5km Purple Walk #EpiCDayChallenge happening on June 17th at 1:00 pm.

b) We want EpiC Day to be accessible to people of all abilities so if you’re unable to walk, you can do the 1 in 100 #EpiCDayChallenge. Yes; we mean ANYTHING! Bake 100 cookies, draw 100 pictures, meditate for 100 minutes – get creative!

c) OR you can do both!

Either way, we will all be gathering together on June 17th to walk together and celebrate our #EpiCDayChallenge’s!

Once you’ve chosen your #EpiCDayChallenge and created your donation page, take photos and videos on your social media to help you reach your fundraising goal and spread the word about epilepsy. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EpiCDayChallenge and tag @epilepsytoronto!

EpiC Day is for anyone who wants to participate and celebrate with the community. We want to encourage you to try to fundraise but there is NO minimum donation required in order to attend EpiC Day on June 18th.

Time after time, you have shown us the incredible strength and resilience of the epilepsy community. That’s why we named this year’s event Epi(lepsy) C(ommunity) Day!

So let’s gather at College Park on June 18th for an EpiC Day! Whether you’re joining us for the 5km Purple Walk, or completing another #EpiCDayChallenge by doing 100 of anything, we cannot wait to celebrate together.

Large group of people walking in the Purple Walk

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