Tapping Into Your Creative Spirit

hand holding paintbrush, painting on drawing

We are welcoming back a longtime ET member and friend, Youhanth, to present his Tapping Into Your Creative Spirit Workshop! He will gently guide you through the simple, yet mindful practice of creating art. According to Youhanth, this workshop will “help us stay in control, and relax our brains, and keep us in a calm steady flow.

“As an individual with epilepsy it may be difficult to let people know how we are feeling by simply saying I’m mad, happy, sad, and more. This workshop will give people the opportunity to visually express their experience by associating them with paintings rather than using words.”

You will need to pick up a few supplies at the dollar store, including:

  • Paint (Black, white, and a specific colour that you feel represents yourself)
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper/canvas (anything to paint on)

After a series of exercises, participants will have the opportunity to share what experiences they have had with epilepsy in the past and how it has affected the outcome of their painting.

The workshop will be both interactive and online and run from 2-4 pm on Tuesday, June 7th. This online workshop is presented by Epilepsy Toronto’s Employment Services Department. To receive a zoom link to join, please complete this form to register.