Seizures at Work Focus Group

Text: Seizures at Work Focus Group. Image: hand on a laptop with a screen showing a video conference call.

We are looking for individuals living with Epilepsy, willing to share their stories about navigating seizures in the workplace.

This focus group will help us to gain insights on seizure experiences, from the employee side. We want to get a sense of what works well and what doesn’t work. We are looking for general information, not specific details; and all of the information collected will be kept confidential.

The information collected will help us in putting together videos on the best practices in the event a person has a seizure at work. This is meant to be a just-in-time resource for employees and employers alike.

For more information or to be a part of this Focus Group, please contact Jesse at by January 23.

This Seizures at Work Focus Group is facilitated by Epilepsy Toronto’s Employment Services Department. We hope you can join us!