Toronto Girl Becomes First Person in Canada to Receive Newest Version of Epilepsy Implant

Since her diagnosis with a rare seizure disorder at seven months old, Emma Greco, now five, has come a long way. There is still a lot to learn about infantile spasms (IS) though, and as long as there is, her family has work to do.

So on Nov. 29, her parents, Monica Diaz-Greco and Daniel Greco, will host the second annual Emma IS event to raise awareness about IS and fund research into treatments for the disorder.

Emma’s parents realized something was wrong when Emma was seven months old. At the time, Emma suffered from spasms every two weeks or so. The Grecos’ observations led to her diagnosis with IS at an early age, giving doctors an opportunity to treat Emma for the epileptic disorder before it could cause permanent developmental damage.

Not all families are so fortunate. The subtle signs of IS can go undetected long enough to lead to cognitive delay in children. IS can also progress into other forms of epilepsy as a child ages, so having an early diagnosis can prepare parents for addressing new challenges as they arise….cont’d

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