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Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness is happening across Canada and around the world!

March 26th – PURPLE DAY


Purple Day was started in 2008 by a little girl in Nova Scotia called Cassidy who wanted her friends to know what it really meant for her to live with epilepsy. A child’s dream of sharing her story has turned into a recognized, global movement to raise awareness for epilepsy on March 26th. Visit www.purpleday.org to get more information about her initiative.

March 26th is now official Purple Day in Canada thanks to the passage of a federal private members bill supported by all parties in Parliament. This year people from all parts of Canada will be wearing purple and working to educate the community about epilepsy: a condition that affects 1 in 100 Canadians but is still very misunderstood by the public.

Individuals and groups in our community are working with Epilepsy Toronto to plan events that will help bring better public awareness about the facts and realities of epilepsy. You can show your support by wearing a bit of purple on March 26th.

Purple Day 2018 Events

Purple Day at Toronto Western Hospital : The epilepsy medical and research teams along with Epilepsy Toronto staff and volunteers will be sharing information on epilepsy, Toronto Western Hospital Atrium 10:00am

Purple Day at Sick Kids Hospital. Epilepsy Toronto, Epilepsy Ontario and the Epilepsy Classroom will all be taking part in an information fair in the Atrium at Sick Kids Hospital.

Epilepsy Awareness events initiated by our members in classrooms, churches, aparment building lobby’s, offices, place of work and even Habpkido studios are also going on across the city.  So look out for the Purple People and join them by wearing your purple proudly!