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DRUG SHORTAGES – Oxcarbazepine

There is a current shortage of Oxcarbazepine generic for tablets and liquid produced by Apotex and Jamp Pharma Corporation which likely will last until next year.

If you are dealing with a shortage

If your medication is due to be refilled soon, check with your pharmacist and ask about the availability of your medication at your drug store.

If your pharmacist is unable to locate any of your medication for you, contact your healthcare provider to discuss alternative treatment options while this drug is in short supply.

Do not make any changes to your treatment plan without consulting with your health care provider. Continue to take the same amount of medication at the same time of day as usual. Your healthcare provider can discuss the situation with you and provide medical advice.

Continue working with your pharmacist and your health care provider until the situation is resolved in order to manage your epilepsy disorder in the safest, most effective way possible.

If you have been prescribed a different drug, due to unavailability of your regular tablets, make sure the dosing instructions are clear. Ask questions if there is anything you don’t understand. If you are confused or have concerns, tell your pharmacist.