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#1in100 Campaign

The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, which Epilepsy Toronto is a proud member of, has recently launched a new Epilepsy Awareness Campaign.  Through this campaign we hope to expand the representation of what it means to live with epilepsy.

Poster that says, "I have epilepsy and..."

March is Epilepsy Awareness Month and we, along with our colleagues across Canada, are launching the #1in 100 and #Iam1in100 campaign as an opportunity to expand the representation of what it means to live with epilepsy.

Download and print off a copy of the document with a comment bubble and the phrase “I have epilepsy, and…” or “Someone I care about has epilepsy, and…” here.

Print out, write on, and upload them to social media with the hashtags #Iam1in100 (for people with epilepsy) and #1in100 (for the people who love them).

People can write about how they’re feeling or how they’re handling having epilepsy. They can also write about their hobbies, interests, skills, and life beyond epilepsy. There is also a poster available with some samples of what people could write.

We want this campaign will highlight the range of experiences of living with epilepsy and that people with epilepsy are more than just their epilepsy – so get creative and let’s show the world that living with epilepsy, does not mean being defined by it.

How it works:
• Click on the Speach Bubble Sign image here that is appropriate to you
• Download it, print it off and fill it in
• Post a photo of you with your sign on social media with the hashtag #Iam1in100 (for participants with epilepsy) or #1in100, and invite others to do the same
• Click on the options below to also download and print off a Poster that you can post and share in your community

Poster that says, "I have epilepsy and..."

Click on Speach Bubble Image of choice to download.

Sign that says, "Someone I care about has epilepsy and......"