I’ve had seizures all my life.

We used to live in the country for close to 20 years. There was nothing for people with epilepsy where we use to live. Sometimes I felt really isolated.

We moved back to Toronto in December, 2016, and I said, one of the things I wanted to do when I moved to the city was to come here, to have support from other adults going through the same thing as me. Because we talk about it – how we’re feeling and all these type of things. So it sort of reassures me that there are other people in the world who have the same thing that I have.

It’s made me feel a lot better because I have somewhere to go to on Fridays. It’s like, my time, right. My time to be with other people that I’ve gotten to know, and if I’m feeling down or something, they notice and we can talk about it. And I feel reassured.

It sort of gives me a bit more independence and it gives me a thing to look forward to, and just sort of have fun and do things together.

I’ve had epilepsy all my life but it doesn’t change who I am:  a good person, nice and bubbly, and happy to be here. I may have this medical condition but it’s not changing who I am.


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