Live with Lily!

Graphic of puppet Lily infront of Toronto skyline, blue skies and a sun

“Hi! my name is Lily Park and I am a part of an amazing organization called Teaching Awareness through Puppetry, otherwise known as TAP and I am so excited to tell you about something that I have been working on with my friends at Epilepsy Toronto!! It’s called ‘Live with Lily!‘

“Each episode, we will have something fun… like special speakers, we might play games, read stories, answer questions, or learn something new! Also because I am a person living with epilepsy, we will definitely be talking about that too!

“So make sure you tune in to ‘Live with Lily’.  I’ll be there with my super awesome friends from Epilepsy Toronto and I hope you will be there too! You don’t want to miss it cause you will have a super fun time!”Click on a button below for a Playlist of all the Live with Lily! episodes so far.Live with Lily! is a fun and interactive show that offers information, support, and community for children who are living with or impacted by Epilepsy. If your child would like to be a guest on Live with Lily, please email Lily at  She would love to hear from you!