Young Adults Support Group

Young Adults talk in a circle with a councellor

Are you looking to meet other young adults who have epilepsy, to share stories, resources, and concerns? The Young Adults Support Group is a place where individuals with epilepsy can connect with other individuals while in an encouraging, supportive and empowering environment.

Talking to other individuals with similar stories and experiences has proven to be beneficial for all members involved. Whether it’s to talk about what it’s like to have epilepsy, issues you may face with epilepsy, or suggestions on how to manage one’s epilepsy,  possible feelings of social stigmatization or seclusion may be diminished by connections made in this support group.

For more information about our Young Adults Support Group or to join the group, please speak with your Epilepsy Toronto counsellor or complete an intake form to be connected with one.

This group is facilitated online by a counsellor in our Children and Youth Services Department. An individual intake session is required before joining any of our support groups.