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Personality Dimensions (PD) is an evidence-based workshop that helps give you a better understanding of yourself and how you move through the world around you. It helps you gain valuable insight into your strengths, values, needs, and your understanding of the world. It’s also about how you tend to interact with others, resolve problems, and function in groups.

PD is organized around colour and it’s understood that everyone is a combination of these colours. Each colour represents a different aspect of yourself: green is analytical, blue is emotional and creative; gold is organized and traditional and orange is spontaneous and practical.

Perhaps most helpfully, is the list of jobs that are attached to each colour. As a group, we’ll review and discuss insights around careers attached to each colour and see how it matches up with your profile.

Space is limited to 10 people, so make sure to reserve your spot today! For more information contact carter@epilepsytoronto.org

To RSVP please email Carter at carter@epilepsytoronto.org or call us at 416-964-9095.