Parents of Teens Support Group

A teenage boy laughing with a man and woman standing to each side of him, hands on his shoulders, looking at him smiling.

Due to concerns around the spread of Covid-19, the Parents of Teens Support Group has been moved online.Are you a parent or caregiver of a teenager living with epilepsy? Do you want to meet other parents who share similar feelings and emotions associated with raising a teen with seizures? From school issues, to family dynamics; from relationship stressors to safety tips. Come meet other amazing parents and add to your current epilepsy network!

3rd Wednesday of every other month.

The Parents of Teens Living with Epilepsy Support Group is facilitated by the Epilepsy Toronto Children and Youth Services Department.  For more information on how to join, please contact katie@epilepsytoronto.org .Please note: an individual intake appointment is required before joining any of our support groups – please contact the Epilepsy Toronto Office for more information.