Job Seekers Program – Interviews

a graphic of two people facing each other, one holding a peice of paper, the other with a speech bubble above their head

Interviews can be nerve-racking for everyone and especially for people living with epilepsy. In this workshop, participants of our Job Seekers Program will learn about the different types of job interviews and practical tips to help them ace them.This workshop is facilitated by the Epilepsy Toronto Employment Services Department and is part of the Job Seekers Program: a four-week employment program that equips job seekers living with epilepsy and related conditions, with the skills they need to successfully navigate today’s job market. For more information on how to join this workshop, please speak with your Epilepsy Toronto counsellor or complete an intake form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note: an intake appointment is required before joining any of our workshops.