Digital Literacy Workshop: QR Codes

hands shaking with digital code in the foreground

With the whole world living online, people with disabilities tend to get left behind due to the lack of accessibility to computers, tablets, and phones, Furthermore, they are also are less likely to be aware of the versatility and other capabilities of these devices and platforms.

We’re here to help you! Join us for a free series of interactive workshops and learn about all things digital with our facilitator Bryan Kuropatwa.

Join us for our QR Codes Workshop! What are QR codes, you ask? Don’t worry, we’d never heard of them either. But these funky codes are used for much more than just navigating restaurant menus! QR Codes are also popular because they are good for the environment….join us and find out why!

Meet the workshop facilitator Bryan Kuropatwa:

Bryan was born and raised around the GTA, and despite epilepsy, earned a science PhD from the University of Waterloo.  Currently, he is making the effort to re-train himself in a newer field called Data Science where he can apply all of his science and presenting skills towards computer coding and understanding problems encountered by companies.  He recently underwent surgery to better control his epilepsy and recover more with every passing day.  He believes volunteering is a great way to give back to the people around him and a refreshing break from coding. And we’re glad to have him!



Please contact Carter if you have any questions about the workshop: carter@epilepsytoronto.org.