Diet and Nutrition Workshop

An assortment of healthy food including: meat, cheese, vegetables, fish, nuts, beans and more.

It’s important that people with epilepsy follow a nutritious, well-balanced diet. Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are important in obtaining optimal seizure control.

Join us online on Wednesday, March 15 from 6:00pm – 7:30pm for an informative discussion about diet and nutrition with our special guest speaker, Irene Spalvieri. Irene is an award winning gourmet chef, registered nutritional consulting practitioner (RNCP), holistic nutritionist (RHN), and author of The Test Diet. 


Irene is a person living with epilepsy, an award-winning gourmet chef,  a registered nutritional consulting practitioner (RNCP), a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN), and the creator and author of The Test Diet.

She will share her story about how changing the way she eats resulted in seizure control and describe how to heal from illnesses caused by food sensitivities.  She simplifies medical data detailing how certain foods can affect neurological function and how others can help with the healing. She uses her experience as a chef to teach recipe creation based on individual needs and sensitivities