2021 Annual General Meeting

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Epilepsy Toronto 2021 AGM

We are honoured and excited to welcome Dr. Kristin Seaborg as the Keynote Speaker for this year’s Annual General Meeting.Dr. Kristin Seaborg is a Pediatric Neurologist and Sleep Medicine Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is also a parent, patient, epilepsy advocate and author of The Sacred Disease: My Life with Epilepsy.  

Kristin went from living in constant fear that her seizures would prevent her from practicing medicine and keeping her condition a closely guarded secret to becoming a strong advocate for epilepsy awareness. By sharing her personal story, she hopes to fight the stigma associated with epilepsy.  Although Kristin’s knowledge and expertise continue to develop as a pediatric neurologist and mother, her experiences as a vulnerable patient have provided some of her most valuable lessons.This event will take place virtually through Zoom. To receive a link to attend, please click the button below to register.