For Employers

Epilepsy Toronto’s employment team has the tools and experience to help you find, hire, and retain high-quality employees who meet your organization’s needs.

Job Development & Matching

Epilepsy Toronto’s employment and job development team provides employers and job-seekers with the experience and support to find the best match for your organization. Our Employment service team provides:

  • Screened and qualified candidates that are matched carefully to the requirements of the job
  • Comprehensive job seeker transition and education services to ensure the best “fit” for the job
  • Relationship development with employers to create on-going placement opportunities



About 1 in 100 people in Ontario live with epilepsy. Businesses have come to appreciate the benefits of knowing how to respond and assist their customers and employees who could have a seizure in the workplace. A well-trained workplace benefits your employees and customers.

Epilepsy Toronto’s interactive toolkit, epilepsy@work, help you build workplace awareness, support and accommodation for people living with epilepsy. The toolkit includes:Screen capture of slide from epilepsy@work course

  • An eLearning course complete with an optional certification quiz
  • First aid seizure videos including an interactive seizure simulator
  • Just-in-time resources for managers, HR and health & safety professionals
  • An array of printable materials

epilepsy@work is fully available online and in LMS or CD versions on request.

Supporting Your Employees

Building a secure workplace for employees who have epilepsy will make all your employees feel more at ease, contribute to productivity, and help you keep talented, experienced staff. Epilepsy Toronto’s Employment Team offers:

  • Job Maintenance services
  • Workplace risk analysis and environmental scans
  • Accommodation planning