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Become an Epilepsy Ambassador

Do you have the experience of living with epilepsy? Do you have stories?  Have you worked hard to overcome stigma and stereotypes?  Have you recognized there are barriers in trying to get a job?

We are launching a new program called “Bridge The Gap” and we need you. The aim of the program is to bring epilepsy awareness to the workplace and other settings with the hope that it will lead to the increase in the employment of persons with epilepsy. In conjunction is the hope that by being an Ambassador in this program you will grow in your employability skills.

What are we looking at? We’re looking at skills for presentation, leadership, organization, time management some of these being core skills that an employer looks for in an applicant. You know the barriers out there and we want to support you in building and strengthening your skills for the job market. The hope is that you will enjoy being part of this program, feel comfortable sharing your story and providing education about epilepsy and increasing your skills.

Adding that “personal touch” of lived experience with epilepsy will do so much to enhance someone’s understanding of epilepsy.

If you are interested and qualified please email our new Public Education Coordinator, Angini at:angini@epilepsytoronto.org