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A general overview of epilepsy including useful facts and basic response to tonic-clonic and complex partial seizures.

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Canadian Epilepsy Alliance
Informational Booklets

In 2001, the Edmonton Epilepsy Association, a member office of the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, received a grant from the Edmonton Community Lottery Board to develop a new series of epilepsy educational booklets.  Since that time, the booklets have been periodically updated with each reprinting.

Epilepsy: An Overview
Living With Epilepsy
Epilepsy: A Guide for Parents
Let’s Learn About Epilepsy: Children’s Activity Book
Teens and Epilepsy
Epilepsy: A Guide for Teachers
Women and Epilepsy
Seniors and Epilepsy
Epilepsy: A Guide for Professionals and Caregivers
Epilepsy: Seizures and First Aid
Safety and Epilepsy


The eToolkit is a set of documents designed to improve understanding of SUDEP and to facilitate its discussion among families, healthcare providers, death investigation professionals and researchers.

SUDEP: Information for People with Epilepsy
SUDEP: Information for Parents & Caregivers of Children with Epilepsy
SUDEP: Information for Young Adults and Teens with Epilepsy
SUDEP: Information for People Bereaved by Epilepsy
SUDEP: Information for Healthcare Providers